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My Story, My Experience

My Dad was a mechanic and an avid DIY guy.  I grew up around tools, learning to create and improvise at a very young age.  I fell in love with wood working in middle school, where I met my mentor, John Frick,  and  made my first napkin holder.  It still lives on my Dad's table 40 years later!


By 16 I had built my first wooden canoe.  I fabricated a grill, complete bed, tailgate, and running boards for my 1950 Chevy pick up, I also created dozens of custom projects including turned bowls, a replica antique pie safe, jewelry boxes, water beds, coffee tables, picture frames and countless small creations,


I continued to practice my craft throughout my adult years, designing and building cradles and baby furniture, building and installing custom kitchens, fabricating vanities, jewelry tables, outdoor furniture, fireplace facias, formal staircases, and even restoring antique buildings to their period correct beauty.  

Along the way I've discovered a deep passion for rebuilding, refitting, and restoring antique boats.  It's a craft that combines my love for the water with my passion for creating beautiful things from wood.  As a kid growing up on Lake Winnisquam here in NH, I admired the gorgeous lines and gleaming varnish of the handful of Chris Craft runabouts living there.  I never pass up an opportunity to bring these works of art back to life.

I take great pride in using the skills I've been taught to create heirloom quality pieces of my design or yours.  Please take a minute to check out the few examples of my work on these pages.  Thank you for the opportunity to share my passion, and I look forward to working with you.

Quality Materials, Impassioned Craftsmanship

Every piece of wood used on every project is carefully selected, and of the absolute highest quality.  This is the foundation for all of my work.


 Traditional joinery including full and blind dovetails, mortise and tenons, splined miters, full and nibbed scarfs, rabbets and others are all employed to ensure extreme longevity of your piece.

The best resins, epoxies, and specialty adhesives for each joint style and wood species are used to ensure the ultimate in strength. 


Stain and finish brands known for their quality, beauty, and ability to stand the test of time are selected exclusively.  There are less expensive options, but we never choose them.


I love to create custom pieces through a collaborative process with each customer.  Whenever possible, I strive to incorporate something very personal into each piece.  Whether it's a physical element such as a piece of wood from a passed family member's life, an heirloom jewelry item,  your Grandfathers scale train set, or design cues from your Grandparents home, I love to include these in custom projects.


When designing custom furniture, slab top bars, customized storage solutions, or just a coffee table for your lake house, we will spend time together in the space that it will live in, and select details from your room or home that you want reflected in the piece. 

Whatever we come up with, I will include you in the process every step of the way to ensure you are delighted with the results.

1935 Richardson Cruisabout
GRANITE CREEK WOODWORKS is ready to help you breathe new life into your wooden boat. CONTACT US!
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