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What Clients Say

I’ve known Steve Dami from his childhood days on Lake Winnisquam where we lived on the same shoreline. He grew up in and around boats. I still have a summer house on Winnisquam, but Steve and I lost touch through the years.  We reconnected by sheer luck last year when an old wooden rowboat I purchased needed repair. 

The boat was like one I rowed as a lifeguard at Ellacoya State Beach on Lake Winnipesaukee in the early 1970s.  It had been stored in a barn for 30 plus years but was in basically good enough shape for me to work on.  That summer I caulked the seams, gave it a fresh coat of paint, christened it “Gus” after my Dad, and put it back on the water.  I stored Gus next to the cottage for the winter in what I thought was a safe place.  I discovered otherwise the next spring when a fallen branch had poked a hole in the bottom. 
I was heartbroken.  The repair was beyond my ability.  Then by chance I saw an advertisement for Granite Creek Woodworks that specializes in wooden boats run by a Steve Dami – the same Steve Dami I knew more than 40 years ago.  I instantly knew Gus was in good hands.  Steve’s knowledge, but mostly his clear love of wooden boats, shone through. Steve measured the broken bottom plank, crafted a new one and refit it back in place.  He then recaulked the whole bottom with new cotton batting and gave it a new coat of paint.  Gus was like new.  It’s probably the smallest boat he’s worked on, but I’m sure he gives the same amount of attention and care to any size boat.  Thank you Steve!   
S. Conant 

Alexa Young, CA

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